Tontatta Kingdom, the Dwarves Foundation

Welcome to the kingdom of a tribe of dwarves

We are a team in Saigon, Vietnam. We are young and eager to learn. We have passion and experience in making cool products, esp. cloud and mobile apps. We want to help people solve their problems by using our solutions.

2015 is coming. We come up with the idea that we should have new resolutions for new year to challenge ourselves 1. So we choose Google Go, a so-called new language that had grown fast and faster recently. We have found the Golang community that stick together and move forward day by day. Based on some articles 2,3, I see that Go will be a bright candidate for building MVP, as same as powerful platform. Many companies had moved their product to Golang like Github, Dropbox, Koding …

Currently, Golang is not popular in Vietnam. Developers are playing with Rails, Django, MEAN stack and a lot of PHP. It’s too boring. So that we build this page and want to bring Golang to Vietnam, make it become a big dot in Go world map.

We call ourselves dwarves, the small and misshapen creatures in Norse Mythology. We are wisdom, natural good at smithing, mining, and crafting. We live under the Tontatta Kingdom, a kingdom underneath Green Bit, and home to the Tontatta Tribe (トンタッタ族 Tontatta-zoku?), a tribe of dwarves ruled by king Gancho. We are the combination of Western and Eastern civilization.

We love to make things. Our friends are gopher. We love #go. If you want to build something that fun and helpful, just bring it to us. We will craft it in #go.

If you want to support, just follow our page and give us a kudos.

And finally, if you want to join us, just leave us a message.